Announced 19/08/2021, Evrima has subscribed for 523,667 units in this pre-IPO financing with each unit having a subscription price of $0.30¢ and consisting of one Share and one subscription warrant with a strike price of $0.60¢ and a life to expiry of five years.

Eastport Ventures Portfolio

Eastport Ventures is a company incorporated and registered in Ontario, Canada, which was formed by seasoned explorers and corporates for the purpose of identifying and evaluating mineral opportunities in Southern Africa, with a specific geologic focus on Botswana.

Eastport Ventures has hitherto amassed a portfolio of interests spanning copper, nickel, uranium, and diamonds. The mineral assets within Eastport Ventures have attracted an aggregate of over USD$15,000,000 in both historic and current capital expenditure. Cumulative licence area of over 7,716 km2.

It hasadditionally created an internal investment division that currently has a value more thanC$7,000,000 after posting a >15,250% Return on Investment (“ROI”) to date.

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