Evrima currently holds 3,377,888 ordinary shares of Eastport representing approximately, 6.85% of Eastport’s current issued share capital. In addition to the Company’s equity interest, Evrima holds a further 1,500,000 warrants with a strike price of $0.30c (CAD) and a life to expiry of 5-years from grant (17 June 2027). Should Evrima elect to exercise its warrants, the Company would have an interest of approximately 10% of Eastport.

Eastport Ventures

Formed by seasoned explorers and corporate investors, Eastport Ventures is a mining house registered in Ontario, Canada, that is predicated on building and maximising value from its asset base of investments and projects. Eastport is focused on making multiple discoveries from its project portfolio in Botswana, and aggressively growing its burgeoning internal investment division that is currently valued at several million dollars, based off its positions in quoted companies.

Eastport has patiently constructed a portfolio of advanced exploration assets targeting copper, nickel, uranium, and diamonds, whilst also having strategically invested in companies operating in Botswana. The mineral assets within Eastport’s project portfolio have seen an aggregate in excess of USD$15,000,000 in both historic and current capital expenditure. Cumulatively, Eastport’s projects cover a licence area of over 7,816 km2.

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Premium Nickel Resources Limited

Evrima and Eastport have a mutual investee in Premium Nickel Resources Limited (“PNRL” or “Premium Nickel”. Premium Nickel, being the amalgamated company of North American Nickel Inc. and Premium Nickel Resources (hitherto a private Canadian company). The first day of dealing in PNRL shares was 18 August 2022.

Eastport Ventures Inc. has an interest in 2,898,500 shares in Premium Nickel, which is an intermediate global nickel-copper-cobalt company with assets in Botswana, Greenland, Canada, and Morocco. PNRL is currently focusing its efforts on advancing its 100% owned flagship Selebi Mine in Botswana.

Total Number of Shares Held