Company Information

Registered Name: Evrima Plc

Ticker: EVA

Registered Office: Hill Dickinson Llp, 8th Floor The Broadgate Tower, 20 Primrose Street, London, England, EC2A 2EW


Registration Number: 06474216

Incorporation: 16 January 2008

Shares in issue as at 26 May 2022 : 39,436,728 ordinary shares of 0.1 pence

Shares not held in public hands as at 26 May 2022:18,848,666 ordinary shares of 0.1 pence, 47.79% of enlarged issue share capital

Exchange: Aquis Stock Exchange

The Directors are also committed to maintaining high standards of Corporate Governance and propose, as far as practicable, given the Company’s size and nature, to comply with the QCA Code.

Significant Shareholders
Shares HeldPercentage of enlarged
Eight Capital2.683.3336,80%
Mark Jackson1.292.0003,28%
Pete Allaway1.233.3333,13%
Andrew Neal1.200.0003,03%
Rick Bonner1.150.0002,92%
Simon Bate1.150.0002,92%
Directors Share Holdings
Shares HeldPercentage of enlarged
S Grant-Rennick*5.540.00014,05%
B Singh Tennent-Bhohi2.700.0006,85%
G Miller500.0001,27%
Gledhow Investments**3.700.0009,38%

* Simon Grant-Rennick is an adviser to Alpha Corporate Services (Bermuda) Ltd. although he has no beneficial interest in that entity. Alpha Corporate Services (Bermuda) Ltd. hold 4,540,000 shares. Simon Grant-Rennick is interested in 1,000,000 shares.

** Guy Miller, a Director, is also a director of Gledhow Investments plc (AQSE: GDH).

Outstanding Options
B Tennent-Bhohi1.000.0000,106/08/2025
S Grant-Rennick1.000.0000,106/08/2025
G Miller1.000.0000,106/08/2025
B Tennent-Bhohi1.000.0000,108/09/2026
S Grant-Rennick1.000.0000,108/09/2026
G Miller1.000.0000,108/09/2026
S Grant-Rennick500.0000,05513/06/2028
M Jones200.0000,05513/06/2028
M Jackson600.0000,0416/01/2027
G Jones100.0000,0416/01/2027
G Burnell200.0000,0416/01/2027
Outstanding Warrants
Number of WarrantsStrike PriceExpiry PriceProceeds if exercised
G Miller – 500,000
B Singh Tennent-Bhohi – 700,000
S Grant-Rennick – 840,000
Gledhow Investments Plc – 1,700,000
B Singh Tennent-Bhohi – 2,000,000
S Grant-Rennick – 2,000,000
Gledhow Investments Plc – 2,000,000