Evrima PLC - Rule 71

Issued Share Capital

As at 4th December 2020, the Issued share capital of the company is, 25,036,728. The Directors are interested in a total of 4,740,000 (18.9%) ordinary shares.

Share Holders with >3% of the issued share capital;

Eight Capital Plc; 2,683,333 (10.7%)
Gledhow Investments Plc; 1,700,000 (6.8%)*
Mark Jackson; 1,292,000 (5.2%)
Rickey Bonner; 1,150,000 (4.6%)
Simon Bate; 1,150,000 (4.6%)
IamFire Plc; 1,000,000 (4%)**

*Guy Miller is Executive Director of, Gledhow Investments Plc

**Burns Singh Tennent-Bhohi is CEO & Executive Director of, IamFire Plc.

The percentage of shares not in public hands as at, 4th December 2020, is 45.53%

Directors Shareholdings

Name Shares Controlled % Holding
Simon Grant-Rennick 3,540,000* 14.14%*
Burns Singh Tennent-Bhohi 700,000 2.80%
Guy Miller 500,000 2.00%


*Simon Grant-Rennick is interested in 2,700,000 voting rights through Alpha Corporate Services (Bermuda) Ltd, a trust to which he is an adviser 

Warrants Over Ordinary Shares

Evrima PLC Consists of:

Number of Warrants Strike Price Proceeds if Exercised Expiry
2,833,333 4.5p £127,500 January 2022 
3,610,000 6p £216,600.00 May 2022 
10,813,333* 6p £648,800 July 2023
2,300,000 12p £276,000 December 2023

*Should the underlying subscribers elect to exercise 100% of their warrants, the underlying subscribers shall be granted replacement warrants with a strike price of, 12p with a life to expiry of 3-years from the date of issuing the replacement warrant.

Should all 10,813,333 replacement warrants be exercised, proceeds of, £1,297,600 would be raised.

Options over ordinary shares, Evrima PLC Consists of:

Number of Options Strike Price Proceeds if Exercised Expiry
200,000 5.5p £11,000.00 13/06/2028
900,000 4p £36,000.00 16/01/2027


Directors Instruments

Directors Instruments, Evrima PLC Consists of:
Name Number of Options Strike Price Proceeds if Exercised Expiry
Simon Grant-Rennick 500,000 5.5p £ 27,500.00 13/06/2028
Simon Grant-Rennick 1,000,000* 10p £ 100,000.00 24/08/2025
Burns Singh Tennent-Bhohi 1,000,000* 10p £ 100,000.00 24/08/2025
Guy Miller 1,000,000* 10p £ 100,000.00 24/08/2025
Should each Director exercise all 1,000,000 of his respective options within or on the life of expiry, he shall be awarded 1,000,000 replacement options with a strike price of 20p per share and a life to expiry of 5-years from issue, and the replacement options shall vest immediately.